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Granny Square Cushion with a Twist

CrochetCosy Craft

It only takes Four Squares to make a Cushion

Granny Square Cushion with a Twist

You will only need four squares to cover both the front and the backside of a pillow.

Crochet four equal sized squares. 

Crochet a border around them using the same colour for each square. The length of the pillow's side (square pillow) is equal to one crochet square's finished diagonal length.

Add them together to form a square, so that the two squares in the same colour is positioned opposite each other. 

Sew or crochet them together

Place the pillow in the middle of the square, facing the square's wrong side. Fold each corner in towards the middle and sew or crochet them together in a diagonal line.    

Crochet Cushion

Hav fun crocheting your own twist on a granny square cushion


Multicoloured Winter Wrist Warmers

KnittingCosy Craft

Easy and Fast to Knit

Winter Wrist Warmers

I used 2 balls of Moda Vera Hue. 5 double pointed needles size 6 mm. One stitch holder

Cast on 32 sts. Knit 10 rounds of rib. K 1 st in the back of the lope, P 1 st. Continue in purl. Knit till a total of 8 to 10 cm. Knit the thumb gusset.

Thumb gusset: P 8 sts, pick up a new st, P 1, pick up a new st. P 23 sts.

knit one round in P. P 8 sts, pick up 1 new st, P 3, pick up 1 new st, P 23. Thumb total 5 sts. Knit 8 rounds in P. 

P 8 sts, set aside 1 st, the 5 thumb sts, 1 st onto a stitch holder, cast on 3 new sts, 23 sts. Knit 7 rounds in P. Knit 10 rounds in rib. Cast off.

Thumb: Put the 7 sts from the stitch holder onto a needle, pick up 1 new st, P 3 new sts, pick up 1 new st. Total of 12 sts. Knit 4 rounds in P. Knit 5 rounds in rib. Cast of.

Secure the thread ends. Knit the next wrist warmer the same way. Do not worry about right or left hand as there is no back or front on the wrist warmers.

Happy December Project


Thick and Cosy Pot Holders

KnittingCosy Craft

Are you new to knitting, have too much leftover yarn taking up space or just need a fast little project to knit ?

I knitted these thick pot holders based on a Drops Design pattern that is free to download from

I used needle size 6mm and knitted with 3 threads. The Loop is knitted on the second last row by knitting till 2 stitches remain then cast on 5 new stitches, knit the 2 remaining stitches together. On the next row cast off all stitches

 A nice host or hostess gift

Cosy Throw Pillows for the Kids Room

SewingCosy Craft

Has your child outgrown Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Streets' Elmo and Big Bird ? Then it is time for new decorations for their room


Sewing a couple of new pillows is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to create a new look and feel of a room

What you will need for one pillow

90 centimetres of fabric. Cut two pieces 41 (Wide) x 42.5 (Lenght)  

One pillow form size 40cm x 40cm

One zipper 35 cm

Thread to match your fabric.

A zipper-foot 

Overlock or zic zac the bottom edge on the two pieces.

Place the front and backside of the pillow with the right sides facing each other.

Check that the pattern on the front and back piece is facing in the same direction before you align all the corners and pin the pieces together

Center the zipper along the bottom edge of the pillow and make a mark in each end where the actual zipper starts and stops. Stitch the pieces together with a 1.0 cm seam allowance in each side from the edge and until the marks.

Baste, either by hand or by machine, the middle part together with 1.0 cm seam allowance

Iron the seam open and place the zipper right side down so that the zipper teeth are aligned over the seam. I find it easiest to unzip, pin and sew one side of the zipper at a time.


Use your zipper foot and stitch one side at a time

Turn the pieces right side up and use your stitch picker to unpick the basting

Overlock or sew the remaining three sides together. Remenber to zic zac the edges if not using an overlocker

Turn the pillow inside out, steam iron the pillow and insert the pillow form


Easy Potholders Using a New Crochet Technique

CrochetCosy Craft

I went through my stack of leftover yarn this weekend, thinking what to make of it. I decided to make a new set of potholders

These potholders are really easy to make and is a good way to use some of that leftover yarn we all end up with from time to time

I saw this crochet technique used for making floor mats of macrame yarn. 

Here I have used yarn of 50/50 cotton/acrylic and a crochet hook number 6 mm to make nice, soft potholders

Chain 25 stitches using three threads together. Single crochet in the second stitch. Continue to turn each row with 1 chain stitch (cs). Single crochet (sc) two rows.

Continue with two threads and single crochet over 5 different colours that is twisted a bit to keep them more together.

Single crochet 19 rows this way: 2 stitches, * 1cs, skip a stitch, 1 sc around the 5 threads* continue till there are two stitches left, sc the last two stitches.  

Single crochet the last 2 rows using three threads together. Sc the second row till there are two stitches left on the row. Make a loop with the 5 threads, sc 6 stitches around the 5 threads. Skip 2 stitches. Finish with a slip stitch.

 The finished size is 18 x 21 centimetres

The potholders have a real soft feel to them