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Embroidery on Upcycled Material

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A Little Creative Embroidery


I bought my Embroidery Kit at

The Embroidery kit contains a piece of upcycled hessian, a woven woollen backing and eight skeins of 100% wool thread. All the colours match each other and the thread is very soft and lovely to work with

The kit does not come with instructions or a pattern. Use your imagination and plan your embroidery. Draw a pattern on a piece of paper or do as I did, create a pattern as you embroider along

Divide and mark the hessian into four fields. Use a sewing thread to mark with

Embroider from the centre and outwards

Finish your embroidery and place it on top of the backing. Embroider a narrow line around your embroidery. Stitch through both layers to secure the backing to the hessian

Your piece is now ready to be trimmed back

Embroidery on Upcycled Material

The fringe from the backing does not go right back to the green line. 

Happy Embroidering