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Knit a Cute Baby Beanie in Garter Stitch

Baby Beanie

Peek-a-boo is a free pattern by Drops Design.  

You can find the pattern in BabyDrops 25-10 or by searching online on the webpage

There are six sizes from premature up to size 4 years old. You will need no more than 50 grams for all sizes. Gauge 24 sts x 48 rows on needle 3.0 mm / US 2.5. A size smaller needle is used for the edge 

Here it has been moderated a little to make a different top

The cute buttons are from

Happy Knitting



Chef's Cupcake

KnittingVibeke Hauge

Easy Stranded Colour-Work Knit

Enjoy this free potholder pattern. They are knitted in the round. The double sides make them very soft and comfortable to use. You can also find this free pattern on LoveCrafts  and in my Ravelry Shop

Chef's Cupcake

Needle Size: 2.50mm Circular

50 cm long, one set 2.50mm needles

Crochet Hook: 2.00mm


Yarn Used: 100 % Cotton No 8


(Fingering/4 ply; 165-170 metres per 50 grams)

Colour Lilac: 100 grams

Colour White: 50 grams

One Mini Skein of Lime green & Cerise (5 – 8 grams)



30 sts and 30 rows in diagram pattern = 10 x 10 cm

Notions: Two removable stitch markers, a darning needle

Final Measurements:

Square 21 x 21 cm



BO – Bind Off

CO – Cast On

k – knit

p – purl

rnd – round

st – stitch

sts – stitches

chain - ch

slip stitch – sl st

double crochet - dc (UK/AU) (single crochet US)

rpt – repeat

RS – Right Side

WS – Wrong Side

cont. – continue



The Potholder is knitted in the round. The removable stitch marker is used to divide the front side from the back. The first and the last stitch on both the front and the back is the edge stitch, it is knitted in the same colour as the first and last square. 



Using lilac colour CO 120 sts on the 2.50mm circular needle. Join in the round. Divide front and back with the stitch makers (60 sts each side). Starting with the front side knit after the diagram. Remember first and last st is the edge stitch. The backside is knitted (2 sts lilac and 2sts white) squares only. Knit 58 rows (rounds) as per the diagram. Knit one rnd with lilac. BO.

Garlic - Stitch Fiddle.jpg

One small square is equivalent to 1st


Handle: With lime colour CO 30 sts onto 2.50mm needles. Knit 4 rows, k on the RS, p on the WS. BO.  

Chef's Cupcake



Turn wrong side out and secure all loose ends.

Turn right side out and use your crochet hook and lilac yarn to double crochet the whole way around the front side this way: Starting at the left side down dc 2 sts in the corner sts then cont. with dc in each edge stitch; dc 2 sts in the corner st; cont. dc along the bottom edge but skip every 4th sts; dc 2 sts in the corner st; cont. dc in each edge stitch up along the right side; dc 2 sts in the corner st; dc but skip every 4th sts along the top edge; end with a sl st in the first corner st. Rpt on the backside. Now crochet both sides together from the front side using dc. Attach the handle at the front right corner and onto the back’s left corner. 

Chef's Cupcake

Happy Knitting




Multicoloured Winter Wrist Warmers

KnittingCosy Craft

Easy and Fast to Knit

Winter Wrist Warmers

I used 2 balls of Moda Vera Hue. 5 double pointed needles size 6 mm. One stitch holder

Cast on 32 sts. Knit 10 rounds of rib. K 1 st in the back of the lope, P 1 st. Continue in purl. Knit till a total of 8 to 10 cm. Knit the thumb gusset.

Thumb gusset: P 8 sts, pick up a new st, P 1, pick up a new st. P 23 sts.

knit one round in P. P 8 sts, pick up 1 new st, P 3, pick up 1 new st, P 23. Thumb total 5 sts. Knit 8 rounds in P. 

P 8 sts, set aside 1 st, the 5 thumb sts, 1 st onto a stitch holder, cast on 3 new sts, 23 sts. Knit 7 rounds in P. Knit 10 rounds in rib. Cast off.

Thumb: Put the 7 sts from the stitch holder onto a needle, pick up 1 new st, P 3 new sts, pick up 1 new st. Total of 12 sts. Knit 4 rounds in P. Knit 5 rounds in rib. Cast of.

Secure the thread ends. Knit the next wrist warmer the same way. Do not worry about right or left hand as there is no back or front on the wrist warmers.

Happy December Project