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Throw Pillows

Cosy Throw Pillows for the Kids Room

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Has your child outgrown Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Streets' Elmo and Big Bird ? Then it is time for new decorations for their room


Sewing a couple of new pillows is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to create a new look and feel of a room

What you will need for one pillow

90 centimetres of fabric. Cut two pieces 41 (Wide) x 42.5 (Lenght)  

One pillow form size 40cm x 40cm

One zipper 35 cm

Thread to match your fabric.

A zipper-foot 

Overlock or zic zac the bottom edge on the two pieces.

Place the front and backside of the pillow with the right sides facing each other.

Check that the pattern on the front and back piece is facing in the same direction before you align all the corners and pin the pieces together

Center the zipper along the bottom edge of the pillow and make a mark in each end where the actual zipper starts and stops. Stitch the pieces together with a 1.0 cm seam allowance in each side from the edge and until the marks.

Baste, either by hand or by machine, the middle part together with 1.0 cm seam allowance

Iron the seam open and place the zipper right side down so that the zipper teeth are aligned over the seam. I find it easiest to unzip, pin and sew one side of the zipper at a time.


Use your zipper foot and stitch one side at a time

Turn the pieces right side up and use your stitch picker to unpick the basting

Overlock or sew the remaining three sides together. Remenber to zic zac the edges if not using an overlocker

Turn the pillow inside out, steam iron the pillow and insert the pillow form