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Mountain Ridge

KnittingVibeke Hauge

Do you need a nice little knitting project

Mountain Ridge

This ear warmer is fun to knit. You will only need one skein for the largest size.

You will knit a bit in the flat, a bit in the round, purl and cable.

Estimated finishing time is around four hours for the largest size. 

Pattern is available from LoveCrafts  or find it in my Ravelry shop Vibeke Hauge Designs

Mini Mittens

KnittingCosy Craft

What to do with that tiny bit of left over yarn

Newborn Scratch Mitts

I used the free pattern 'Newborn Scratch Mitts' from the blog 'White Fern' for these cute mittens. They are so light that you can send them away in a letter sized envelope to a happy receiver


KnittingCosy Craft

Knit a Cute Baby Beanie in Garter Stitch

Baby Beanie

Peek-a-boo is a free pattern by Drops Design.  

You can find the pattern in BabyDrops 25-10 or by searching online on the webpage

There are six sizes from premature up to size 4 years old. You will need no more than 50 grams for all sizes. Gauge 24 sts x 48 rows on needle 3.0 mm / US 2.5. A size smaller needle is used for the edge 

Here it has been moderated a little to make a different top

The cute buttons are from

Happy Knitting



Yarn Yarn Yarn

Vibeke Hauge

Need to top op on your Yarn Stash ? 

Just click on the multi-coloured LoveCrafts link found on this page and it will take you to their site.

Don't forget LoveCrafts send World Wide and have daily offers too good to resist.

I am using my last yarn from this lovely bag of yarn so I will definitely be browsing their site looking for yarn suitable for a couple of summer projects

yarn bag

Granny Square Cushion with a Twist

CrochetCosy Craft

It only takes Four Squares to make a Cushion

Granny Square Cushion with a Twist

You will only need four squares to cover both the front and the backside of a pillow.

Crochet four equal sized squares. 

Crochet a border around them using the same colour for each square. The length of the pillow's side (square pillow) is equal to one crochet square's finished diagonal length.

Add them together to form a square, so that the two squares in the same colour is positioned opposite each other. 

Sew or crochet them together

Place the pillow in the middle of the square, facing the square's wrong side. Fold each corner in towards the middle and sew or crochet them together in a diagonal line.    

Crochet Cushion

Hav fun crocheting your own twist on a granny square cushion


Mexican Summer T

KnittingVibeke Hauge

Summer is around the corner in the Southern Hemisphere

Mexican Summer T

This colourful summer T is knitted in Schachenmayr Letitia, a super soft Cotton Yarn that will not disappoint. The pattern is available on LoveCrafts  

This pattern will also look lovely knitted up in a bright single colour or a neutral colour                                               

The model on the photo is a size Small, but the T is designed to be stretchable so this pattern will fit a size medium as well


Chef's Cupcake

KnittingVibeke Hauge

Easy Stranded Colour-Work Knit

Enjoy this free potholder pattern. They are knitted in the round. The double sides make them very soft and comfortable to use. You can also find this free pattern on LoveCrafts  and in my Ravelry Shop

Chef's Cupcake

Needle Size: 2.50mm Circular

50 cm long, one set 2.50mm needles

Crochet Hook: 2.00mm


Yarn Used: 100 % Cotton No 8


(Fingering/4 ply; 165-170 metres per 50 grams)

Colour Lilac: 100 grams

Colour White: 50 grams

One Mini Skein of Lime green & Cerise (5 – 8 grams)



30 sts and 30 rows in diagram pattern = 10 x 10 cm

Notions: Two removable stitch markers, a darning needle

Final Measurements:

Square 21 x 21 cm



BO – Bind Off

CO – Cast On

k – knit

p – purl

rnd – round

st – stitch

sts – stitches

chain - ch

slip stitch – sl st

double crochet - dc (UK/AU) (single crochet US)

rpt – repeat

RS – Right Side

WS – Wrong Side

cont. – continue



The Potholder is knitted in the round. The removable stitch marker is used to divide the front side from the back. The first and the last stitch on both the front and the back is the edge stitch, it is knitted in the same colour as the first and last square. 



Using lilac colour CO 120 sts on the 2.50mm circular needle. Join in the round. Divide front and back with the stitch makers (60 sts each side). Starting with the front side knit after the diagram. Remember first and last st is the edge stitch. The backside is knitted (2 sts lilac and 2sts white) squares only. Knit 58 rows (rounds) as per the diagram. Knit one rnd with lilac. BO.

Garlic - Stitch Fiddle.jpg

One small square is equivalent to 1st


Handle: With lime colour CO 30 sts onto 2.50mm needles. Knit 4 rows, k on the RS, p on the WS. BO.  

Chef's Cupcake



Turn wrong side out and secure all loose ends.

Turn right side out and use your crochet hook and lilac yarn to double crochet the whole way around the front side this way: Starting at the left side down dc 2 sts in the corner sts then cont. with dc in each edge stitch; dc 2 sts in the corner st; cont. dc along the bottom edge but skip every 4th sts; dc 2 sts in the corner st; cont. dc in each edge stitch up along the right side; dc 2 sts in the corner st; dc but skip every 4th sts along the top edge; end with a sl st in the first corner st. Rpt on the backside. Now crochet both sides together from the front side using dc. Attach the handle at the front right corner and onto the back’s left corner. 

Chef's Cupcake

Happy Knitting




Orange Squares of Strength

CrochetVibeke Hauge

A Few Squares of Strength on their way

Orange Squares of Strength

I have finished a few squares to send away for the Little Squares of Strength Project

You can read more about this beautiful Project by visiting or see contributions from other crafters at Instagram hashtag #littlesquaresofstrength

Luxurious Cables for Kids

KnittingVibeke Hauge

Trendy Cables in New Autumn / Winter Colours

Tyson's sand castle jumper

This jumper is knitted in a lovely soft CottonMerino from DROPS 

The pattern is called Tyson's Sand Castle Jumper and can be purchased from LoveCrafts as an instant downloadable pattern. Go to Independent Designer and type Tyson's Sand Castle Jumper in search area. Loveknitting  also sell the DROPS CottonMerino yarn and they ship worldwide.

Tyson's Sand Castle is designed for the  3, 5 and 7 years-old. The pattern is unisex and will look lovely in any colour

Tyson's Sand Castle Cables

These cables are easy to knit. You will knit cables on both the right side and the wrong side on the front piece

Tyson's Sand Castle Jumper

The cable pattern is only knitted on the front piece. The turtle cowl neck is double and soft



Add a bit of Colour to your Knit Work

KnittingCosy Craft

Mini Skeins 

Wash Cloth

Knitted Wash Cloths are back in fashion, and they are easy and fast to knit.

You only need to add a little colour to a white wash cloth to make it more interesting

The Mini Skeins are perfect when you just need a small amount of yarn. 

Happy Playing with Colours

Roll Neck Sweater

KnittingCosy Craft

Summer Sweater for a Little two year old Dreamer

Roll Neck Jumper

I based this Roll Neck Sweater on photos from an old craft magazine. The sweater is knitted in Katia Mississippi, a cotton/Acrylic blend.   

Roll Neck Sweater

The roll neck is easy to make and has a cute effect.

Roll Neck Jumper

The traditional rib band is exchanged with a roll band knitted on a needle 0.50 mm smaller than the body and sleeves to make it roll.

A Few Squares of Strength

CrochetCosy Craft

Ready to send away

A Few Squares of Strength

I have finished a few squares to send away for the Little Squares of Strength Project. 

The squares will be stitched together with other squares to make beautiful warm blankets. The blankets will then be given to women and children who are going through a tough time

You can read more about this beautiful project on


Marley's Blue Cables Jumper

KnittingVibeke Hauge

Everybody Needs a little bit of Cables

Marley's Blue Cables Jumper

The jumper displayed on the photo is a size three years old

You can purchase the knitting pattern 'Marley's Blue Cables Jumper' from   Go to Independent Designer and type Marley's Blue Cables Jumper into search area. Loveknitting also sell the yarn and they ship worldwide

Marley's Blue Cables Jumper is knitted in DROPS Cotton Merino. This yarn is lovely to knit with, it is super soft and is a superwash quality 

Marley's Blue Cables Jumper

You can personalise your knitted jumper by adding a few labels. Here I have added a soft label to tell who made it and a metal tag to show who it is made for

Happy Knitting

Embroidery on Upcycled Material

EmbroideryCosy Craft

A Little Creative Embroidery


I bought my Embroidery Kit at

The Embroidery kit contains a piece of upcycled hessian, a woven woollen backing and eight skeins of 100% wool thread. All the colours match each other and the thread is very soft and lovely to work with

The kit does not come with instructions or a pattern. Use your imagination and plan your embroidery. Draw a pattern on a piece of paper or do as I did, create a pattern as you embroider along

Divide and mark the hessian into four fields. Use a sewing thread to mark with

Embroider from the centre and outwards

Finish your embroidery and place it on top of the backing. Embroider a narrow line around your embroidery. Stitch through both layers to secure the backing to the hessian

Your piece is now ready to be trimmed back

Embroidery on Upcycled Material

The fringe from the backing does not go right back to the green line. 

Happy Embroidering

My Granny Squares Blanket

CrochetVibeke Hauge

How I made my 1 - 2 - 3 Granny Squares Blanket

Granny Squares Blanket

I wanted a colourful, light, and airy blanket

I used a 100% pure wool, 8 ply

The squares are crocheted with a right and a wrong side. Always starting at a corner and no turn with each round. Crochet two chains between each block of three double stitches. Crochet three chains between the two blocks of three double stitches that form the corners

Most thread ends are secured during crocheting, but there were still a lot of ends to secure when the blanket was finished

My picnic basket was just large enough to store my yarn and blanket

Granny Squares Blanket

The blanket has one 10 rounds square in the middle. Twelve 4 rounds squares and sixteen 7 rounds squares

The squares are crocheted together. 

The small squares are added to the big square. Then crochet three rounds before the next sixteen squares are added on. 

The border is made up of fifteen rows of double crochet. Final tow rows are single crochet

Happy crocheting

Creating Squares for a Worthy Project

CrochetCosy Craft

My Little Squares of Strength is on their way to be joined with other little squares made with love and joy.

Little Squares of Strength Project

Are you trying a new pattern, need to get rid of these little yarn leftovers or just wanting a nice little project to do, then I suggest you join in on the Little Squares of Strength project.

Fleur Lyon, known as @thepeacefulposy on Instagram is the founder of the project Little Squares of Strength. A project about giving blankets symbolising love, strength and encouragement to children going through a difficult time, and their mothers. You can red more about the Little Squares of Strength project and how to contribute on Fleur's website 

Blocks Blocks Blocks

SewingVibeke Hauge

Following a quilt-along in 2016

Block 1

Block 1 

I am following project48quilt created by two Australian quilters, Crystal from Raspberry Spool & Linden from Vine Lines Creative.

Each week, through 2016, they will present a new block to make. It is not too late to sign up at www.project48quilt to join in on the fun.

Front Twisted Jersey Skirt

SewingCosy Craft

Make your own flattering twist skirt

mia skirt.jpg

This skirt is made in a thin, stretchy jersey. Twists are made on the front part only. The skirt is made as a long tube that is folded double to make an inner skirt. No need to hem. Waist band is added on separately.  

Use a fitted pattern made for stretch fabric or use one of your own fitted jersey skirts. 

Lay the pattern /skirt onto the fabric and start forming the twist under the pattern. I twisted this skirt at the top and to one side. Front part only.

Secure your folds in the fabric with pins or stitches. 

Add 1/3 of the skirts length to the skirt before cutting. This will form part of the inner skirt and allow for the skirt to twist without showing the inner skirt. Remember to add seam allowance.

Cut the back piece to the same length but without the twists.

Lay the skirt pattern onto the inner white fabric and cut the front and back piece from the waist and 2/3 down of the skirt's length. No twists in the inner skirt. 

Add the bottom of the white inner piece to the bottom of the skirt piece. There is now a waist line in both ends.

Put the front and back piece together facing the wrong side of the fabric and stitch together forming a long tube. 

Pull the tube double to make an inner and outer skirt. Secure the two pieces with pins or stitch together. Cut a waist band double with room for a 3.5 or 4.0 cm elastic band. Stitch the band on.

Summer T

SewingCosy Craft

Are you looking for an easy sewing project or are you in a hurry to make a stylish top ? Then this Kimono T-shirt pattern is for you.    

I will definitely be making more summer Ts using this free Sewing Pattern from Maria Denmark