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Granny Square Cushion with a Twist

CrochetCosy Craft

It only takes Four Squares to make a Cushion

Granny Square Cushion with a Twist

You will only need four squares to cover both the front and the backside of a pillow.

Crochet four equal sized squares. 

Crochet a border around them using the same colour for each square. The length of the pillow's side (square pillow) is equal to one crochet square's finished diagonal length.

Add them together to form a square, so that the two squares in the same colour is positioned opposite each other. 

Sew or crochet them together

Place the pillow in the middle of the square, facing the square's wrong side. Fold each corner in towards the middle and sew or crochet them together in a diagonal line.    

Crochet Cushion

Hav fun crocheting your own twist on a granny square cushion


Orange Squares of Strength

CrochetVibeke Hauge

A Few Squares of Strength on their way

Orange Squares of Strength

I have finished a few squares to send away for the Little Squares of Strength Project

You can read more about this beautiful Project by visiting or see contributions from other crafters at Instagram hashtag #littlesquaresofstrength

A Few Squares of Strength

CrochetCosy Craft

Ready to send away

A Few Squares of Strength

I have finished a few squares to send away for the Little Squares of Strength Project. 

The squares will be stitched together with other squares to make beautiful warm blankets. The blankets will then be given to women and children who are going through a tough time

You can read more about this beautiful project on


My Granny Squares Blanket

CrochetVibeke Hauge

How I made my 1 - 2 - 3 Granny Squares Blanket

Granny Squares Blanket

I wanted a colourful, light, and airy blanket

I used a 100% pure wool, 8 ply

The squares are crocheted with a right and a wrong side. Always starting at a corner and no turn with each round. Crochet two chains between each block of three double stitches. Crochet three chains between the two blocks of three double stitches that form the corners

Most thread ends are secured during crocheting, but there were still a lot of ends to secure when the blanket was finished

My picnic basket was just large enough to store my yarn and blanket

Granny Squares Blanket

The blanket has one 10 rounds square in the middle. Twelve 4 rounds squares and sixteen 7 rounds squares

The squares are crocheted together. 

The small squares are added to the big square. Then crochet three rounds before the next sixteen squares are added on. 

The border is made up of fifteen rows of double crochet. Final tow rows are single crochet

Happy crocheting

Creating Squares for a Worthy Project

CrochetCosy Craft

My Little Squares of Strength is on their way to be joined with other little squares made with love and joy.

Little Squares of Strength Project

Are you trying a new pattern, need to get rid of these little yarn leftovers or just wanting a nice little project to do, then I suggest you join in on the Little Squares of Strength project.

Fleur Lyon, known as @thepeacefulposy on Instagram is the founder of the project Little Squares of Strength. A project about giving blankets symbolising love, strength and encouragement to children going through a difficult time, and their mothers. You can red more about the Little Squares of Strength project and how to contribute on Fleur's website 

Hooked on Giraffe Ziggy

CrochetCosy Craft

Looking for a bit of fun


I had so much fun crocheting the Dutch Designer Oekimoekie's Ziggy

I bought my Ziggy as a kit that included two balls of yellow Hoooked Ribbon XL, a little black ribbon for the eyes and tale, a crochet needle number 9.0 mm and the pattern

The balls contain 250 grams each but I only used 320 grams for my Ziggy. My Ziggy is 38 centimetre tall including the ears

The Pattern can be found on

Ziggy back

Easy Potholders Using a New Crochet Technique

CrochetCosy Craft

I went through my stack of leftover yarn this weekend, thinking what to make of it. I decided to make a new set of potholders

These potholders are really easy to make and is a good way to use some of that leftover yarn we all end up with from time to time

I saw this crochet technique used for making floor mats of macrame yarn. 

Here I have used yarn of 50/50 cotton/acrylic and a crochet hook number 6 mm to make nice, soft potholders

Chain 25 stitches using three threads together. Single crochet in the second stitch. Continue to turn each row with 1 chain stitch (cs). Single crochet (sc) two rows.

Continue with two threads and single crochet over 5 different colours that is twisted a bit to keep them more together.

Single crochet 19 rows this way: 2 stitches, * 1cs, skip a stitch, 1 sc around the 5 threads* continue till there are two stitches left, sc the last two stitches.  

Single crochet the last 2 rows using three threads together. Sc the second row till there are two stitches left on the row. Make a loop with the 5 threads, sc 6 stitches around the 5 threads. Skip 2 stitches. Finish with a slip stitch.

 The finished size is 18 x 21 centimetres

The potholders have a real soft feel to them