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Granny Square

Granny Square Cushion with a Twist

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It only takes Four Squares to make a Cushion

Granny Square Cushion with a Twist

You will only need four squares to cover both the front and the backside of a pillow.

Crochet four equal sized squares. 

Crochet a border around them using the same colour for each square. The length of the pillow's side (square pillow) is equal to one crochet square's finished diagonal length.

Add them together to form a square, so that the two squares in the same colour is positioned opposite each other. 

Sew or crochet them together

Place the pillow in the middle of the square, facing the square's wrong side. Fold each corner in towards the middle and sew or crochet them together in a diagonal line.    

Crochet Cushion

Hav fun crocheting your own twist on a granny square cushion