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My Granny Squares Blanket

CrochetVibeke Hauge

How I made my 1 - 2 - 3 Granny Squares Blanket

Granny Squares Blanket

I wanted a colourful, light, and airy blanket

I used a 100% pure wool, 8 ply

The squares are crocheted with a right and a wrong side. Always starting at a corner and no turn with each round. Crochet two chains between each block of three double stitches. Crochet three chains between the two blocks of three double stitches that form the corners

Most thread ends are secured during crocheting, but there were still a lot of ends to secure when the blanket was finished

My picnic basket was just large enough to store my yarn and blanket

Granny Squares Blanket

The blanket has one 10 rounds square in the middle. Twelve 4 rounds squares and sixteen 7 rounds squares

The squares are crocheted together. 

The small squares are added to the big square. Then crochet three rounds before the next sixteen squares are added on. 

The border is made up of fifteen rows of double crochet. Final tow rows are single crochet

Happy crocheting