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Easy Potholders Using a New Crochet Technique

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I went through my stack of leftover yarn this weekend, thinking what to make of it. I decided to make a new set of potholders

These potholders are really easy to make and is a good way to use some of that leftover yarn we all end up with from time to time

I saw this crochet technique used for making floor mats of macrame yarn. 

Here I have used yarn of 50/50 cotton/acrylic and a crochet hook number 6 mm to make nice, soft potholders

Chain 25 stitches using three threads together. Single crochet in the second stitch. Continue to turn each row with 1 chain stitch (cs). Single crochet (sc) two rows.

Continue with two threads and single crochet over 5 different colours that is twisted a bit to keep them more together.

Single crochet 19 rows this way: 2 stitches, * 1cs, skip a stitch, 1 sc around the 5 threads* continue till there are two stitches left, sc the last two stitches.  

Single crochet the last 2 rows using three threads together. Sc the second row till there are two stitches left on the row. Make a loop with the 5 threads, sc 6 stitches around the 5 threads. Skip 2 stitches. Finish with a slip stitch.

 The finished size is 18 x 21 centimetres

The potholders have a real soft feel to them