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Stripy Triangle Scarf

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Based on a Jette Friis Design

Use as a Scarf around your shoulders or as a Neck Warmer

Stripy Triangle Scarf

Choose your 6 favourite colours. Three light and three dark colours

Decide in which order you want to add the colours. Each section is 29 rows of a light and a dark colour. The latest added colour continues into a new section of 29 rows with a new colour added till all 6 colours have been used

I used six balls of Lambswool, 25 grams each. A circular needle size 4.5 mm. Tension 22 stitches in double yarn measures 10 cm.  Cast on 4 stitches and knit 14 rows with colour 1. Add colour 2 and continue in stripes, adding one stitch at the end of every 4th row. Continue increasing the stitches till all six colours have been used, this will be the middle of the work. Then reduce the stitches with 1 stitch every 4th row till 4 stitches remains. Knit 14 rows. Cast off. The finished scarf measures 256 cm long and 38 cm at the widest part